Distant Voices

Fractured Voices; Muted Voices; Healing Voices

Distant Voices: a soundscape - fractured voices 5min 15sec; muted voices 26mins; healing voices 40mins 53sec

25-28 August 2017

‘Distant Voices’ is a non-linear soundscape that captures the texture, emotion and feel of QPF2017: ‘Distant Voices’. The three-acts: Fractured Voices; Muted Voices; Healing Voices, honour the 2017 theme, and pay tribute to the writers, activists and poets of this continent and beyond. Recorded across the QPF’s four main days, ‘Distant Voices’ weaves together our shared stories of isolation, curiosity, understanding and resilience.

Thank you to everyone who performed at the 2017 QPF, it’s a shame I couldn’t fit everyone in.

Order of appearance:

  • Shannon Ruska
  • Ali Cobby Eckerman
  • Quinn Eades – “Monday, June 27, Going First”.
  • Clozapine Clinic
    • Tim Heffernan
    • Benjaman Freighter
    • Alise Blayney
    • Stuart Barnes
    • Verity La editor/poet Michele Seminara
  • Andy Jackson – Part 2 of “Each Map of Scars”
  • Ellen Van Neervan
  • Sashim Park Owins
  • Writing Through Fences: Poetry and Displacement – “Through the Moon” performance
    • Featuring:
      • Hani Abdile, Juan Garrido Salgado, Janet Galbraith
  • Voices of Colour open mic event at the Brisbane City Library
  • WrICE Writers immersion and Cultural Exchange writer:
    • Martin Villanueva
  • Omar Musa
  • Sara Holland-Batt
  • Hera Lindsay Bird
  • Tusiata Avia (NZ)
  • Kiri Cooper
  • Courtney Sina Meredith (NZ).
  • Mark Doty.
  • And we finished the piece as we began, with Quinn Eades’ beautiful “Monday, June 27, Going First”.


  • Love for Sale – George Benson Quartet
  • Successionist – Part 2 of ‘Each Map of Scars’ (by Rachael Guy, Andy Jackson & Leonie Van Eyk), music by Kristin Rule and Rose Ertler.
  • Cello Before Time – Joseph Burgess
  • Diary – bangarra
  • Sunshrine – James Blackshaw
  • Instrumental Numer 1 – REM
  • No Lines and Audio Forensic (dub) – High Pass Filter
  • Mapnduma – Music Can Rise Above Tyranny