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Love touches us all at some point — from dependable familial bonds to the warm comfort of childhood pets, from the heady perfume of romance to the cherished appreciation of community, culture, country. The physical and emotional connections transcend barriers, cross generations and borders. And yet, love can sometimes be ‘not quite right’, taking where it should be giving, causing destruction — even as we still love.

Celebrating ten years of Speaking Volumes,
this anthology is a warning shot, an affirmation, an education …

In forty short stories, poems and essays — by turns wry, gentle, furious, humorous, passionate, analytical and elliptical — these forty writers, new and established, speak volumes, invoking their experiences of outsiderness and their defiance against it.

In this episode we’ll hear ‘The Pilgrimage’ by Amina Atiq; ’Knot’ by Leonie Ross; and ’The Apocrypha of O’ by Gaele Sobott.

Our guide is poet, novelist and musician Dr Anthony Joseph.

This episode was recorded in collaboration with Speaking Volumes

The anthology is available at all good bookshops, or order from Flipped Eye Publishing

Not Quite Right For Us Information
Music composed by Dominique Le Gendre
Narration by Lucy Hannah

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Opening Credits by Unregistered Master Builder
Music and SFX by Epidemic Sound
‘Touching Moments’ by Ketsa (Free Music Archive)

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