#3: Food Glorious Food

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In this episode your intrepid lockdown travellers tackle the big food questions.


What are Romanesco broccoli and celeriac and what do you do with them?
What’s the great “jollof rice controversy”?
How hot is too hot for a vindaloo?
Shouldn’t we all eat cheese scones every day?
Are vegetarian Scotch eggs worth it?

Opening & Closing Credits by Unregistered Master Builder
Touching Moments by Ketsa (Free Music Archive)
Markus J Buehler Viral Counterpoint of the Coronavirus Spike Protein (2019-nCoV)
BBC SFX Archive

Information & Websites
UK Landworkers Alliance.

For the ‘World Famous London by Lockdown Cook Off’ Recipes
Vegetarian Vindaloo
Cheese Scones
Jollof Rice (it’s so good we included two links): here and here
Vegetarian Scotch Eggs

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